Sellz Payment Links-How to Take Advantage Of Sellz Payment Processing Platform

How to Take Advantage Of Sellz Payment Links And Payment Processing Platform

What are Sellz Payment Links?

Benefits Of Having Your Own Payment Links?

  1. Easy Transactions: Payment links simplify the buying process, making it easy for both sellers and buyers to complete transactions hassle-free.
  2. Versatility in Selling: You can use payment links for selling anything – products, services, or collecting donations. They’re adaptable to various sales situations.
  3. Effortless Sharing: Easily share payment links on social media, emails, or websites. It’s a convenient way to market your products and services.
  4. Smart Tracking: Payment links often come with built-in tracking features. Keep an eye on sales and customer behavior for better business insights.

How To Generate A Payment Link

  • In your Sellz dashboard, search for the “Payment Links” section.
  • Click on “Create New Link” and select the product or service you want to generate a payment link for.
  • Specify the price for your product or service. You can also add a description for clarity.
  • Click “Generate Link” to create a unique payment link for your product or service.

How To Share Your Payment Link

  • Once generated, simply copy the payment link provided.
  • Share the link on your website, social media, emails, or any other platform where you connect with your audience.

Tips for Success:

  • Share your payment links proactively. Include them in your marketing materials and communications.
  • Whether selling products, services, or collecting donations, payment links are versatile. Use them for different purposes.
  • Leverage the analytics in your Sellz dashboard to understand your sales performance and customer behavior.


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